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Customer's Reviews of Model PBJ60
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 Name : John
   4/11/2015 7:11:10 PM
   Review : Received the banjo as a gift. I am a novice at banjo. Looks very nice, but was disappointed that there was no instructions provided in the box that the banjo was in. Found owners manual online, but it was only partially helpful.

 Name : P
   6/12/2013 1:19:46 AM
   Review : For such an affordable banjo, it has a great sound. And it is a real pretty looking instrument too. 2 minor hardware (strap ring & hook) issues that I am confident Pyle will send me replacement parts for. The guy who professionally set up the banjo said it was better then his that he just bought (which was twice as much, but I didn't tell him my price.)