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Customer's Reviews of Model PBMSPG100
Average Rating :
 Name : Ronald
   7/1/2015 7:43:37 PM
   Review : This is a great speaker

 Name : Brad
   6/18/2015 7:26:08 PM
   Review : Great quality, crisp sound!

 Name : Stephen
   6/11/2015 7:17:40 PM
   Review : Just received as Gift. Love looks, flash, bass and volume. Looking forward to using. So far, 5 star

 Name : Symon
   1/7/2015 8:01:36 PM
   Review : This speaker is amazing. I ordered it with the intent to practice my bass guitar at home. I didn't know exactly how it would handle the bass. I was blown way with the quality. It works perfectly for what I need. Great sound and quality. Even for a get together or outside party it will be ideal. Love it.

 Name : Joseph
   12/23/2014 8:07:20 PM
   Review : Love the sound, very durable and rugged. When plugged in, the music is much larger though but overall love this product.

 Name : Shawnee
   10/7/2014 9:42:55 PM
   Review : This is a great stand alone system, for bluetooth, for guitar, for mic, excellent piece

 Name : Michael
   9/9/2014 10:40:18 AM
   Review : Super loud and able to adjust the treble and bass just enough to suit my needs

 Name : Ricky
   8/17/2014 9:18:35 PM
   Review : Great sound

 Name : Ricky
   8/17/2014 9:05:50 PM
   Review : Great product well worth the money!

 Name : Chad
   7/16/2014 11:23:37 AM
   Review : The street blaster has great sound for its size and the battery life was better than expected. Great for camping!!!!

 Name : andres
   6/9/2014 6:59:48 PM
   Review : acabo de recibirlo y lo he puesto a cargar estoy ansioso por probarlo yo se que es super bueno pero se puede ponerle una bateria que tenga mas duracion y si es asi avisenme

 Name : eduardo
   6/4/2014 3:02:18 AM
   Review : I bought this and its simply amazing. Very good sound quality and also the lights on the sides make it super cool. I am VERY happy with it and do strongly recomend it !!!!