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Customer's Reviews of Model PCAU22
Average Rating :
 Name : Jason
   8/31/2016 11:45:40 PM
   Review : Best product

 Name : BRYAN
   8/10/2014 3:33:29 PM
   Review : I am extremely pleased with the sound, construction, appearance and overall quality of the PCAU22 Audio Amplifier. We purchased it to drive 2 patio speakers which it does with amazing sound quality. While it may not be sized for a block party, it is absolutely perfect for background music while visiting with friends but is also able to drive enough volume to be heard all over our sizeable back yard. Overall, an excellent purchase for our application and the price couldn't be better!

 Name : Vernon
   6/8/2014 1:31:47 PM
   Review : The item is outstanding !

 Name : john
   6/12/2013 9:42:31 AM
   Review : Does not work Fuse blows when line in connected