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Customer's Reviews of Model PCMX240I
Average Rating :
 Name : Melissa
   7/6/2012 11:43:51 PM
   Review : Great for baseball tournaments

 Name : Jason
   4/28/2012 4:41:03 PM
   Review : Great Product. I take this unit to Martial Arts demo and tournaments and it performs well. Although the wheels could be bigger and the handle a little longer.

 Name : george
   9/26/2011 3:16:02 PM
   Review : I love this thing. Great sound easy to use. I take it camping at festivals and it always draws attention. The battery lasted over 8hrs at first but now I'm having charging issues?

 Name : PAUL
   5/29/2011 10:50:55 AM
   Review : I love it. The only reason I can't give it 5 stars is that the Ipod connection doesn't always make c