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Customer's Reviews of Model PCMX260MB
Average Rating :
 Name : Jeremaine
   11/9/2014 9:17:02 PM
   Review : I have had it a short time. I enjoy the sound quality and the features. I recommend it also for the price

 Name : Mike
   4/2/2014 10:01:41 AM
   Review : Just received it as a gift but tested it plugged in and the sound quality is very impressive. Excited about using it at parties and tailgates.

 Name : raleigh
   11/15/2013 11:47:18 PM
   Review : Awesome device

 Name : William
   10/25/2013 8:16:49 PM
   Review : Excellent. Works great!

 Name : Mujahidul
   8/24/2013 7:55:10 AM
   Review : I use that product for our organization's outdoor programs or fun activities. The product has good battery life which is important issue when we need to buy it for a organization. However, I got a defective microphone or may be the cable and the supplier require prepay for the service required.

 Name : Aaron
   6/4/2013 4:18:48 PM
   Review : This medium size is perfect for a room with up to 200 or so people. I am pleased w/ the sound clarity of the voice when spoken into the mic. I also like that it's portable (wheeled) and has enough power w/ many input options. Love it!

 Name : Danny
   5/26/2013 10:13:29 PM
   Review : great

 Name : Horacio
   12/23/2012 2:35:47 AM
   Review : The PCMX 260MB has many uses and the portability is great. I am a music teacher and I am able to load my mp3 lessons and play them when I need them easily. This is just one feature of many. Great price too.. Highly recommend.

 Name : Kirk
   7/2/2012 7:20:59 PM
   Review : This system is well built and has good sound for the money. The mic is not as good as I hoped. I will need to purchase a better mic.

 Name : Charles
   5/9/2012 4:43:48 PM
   Review : Product is adequate for a party of no more than about 15 people

 Name : james
   4/30/2012 6:33:58 PM
   Review : Pastor, Musical Director, and all parties concerned were well pleased with my purchase.

 Name : Louis
   3/7/2012 1:00:22 PM
   Review : I've just purchased a 2nd portable pa system for our music club. These units perform great. My only wish is that the wheels need to be larger to accomodate transporting around parking lots and sidewalks. Otherwise, Great Product.