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Customer's Reviews of Model PCO800
Average Rating :
 Name : Kelly
   5/3/2015 7:29:45 PM
   Review : Awesome unit for the price. Hasn't given me one lick of trouble.

 Name : David
   2/17/2015 7:38:40 AM
   Review : Purchased my first PCO-800 Unit six months ago, so pleased purchased a second unit for the second rack

 Name : Malcolm
   3/23/2014 2:06:26 PM
   Review : I purchased PCO-800 for "off label" use: to condition power for new heating system. It was the only power conditioner I could find with the wattage I needed. The shape is awkward in my application (a more cubical form with 2-3 outlets would have been better) but it will do.

 Name : Greg
   7/2/2013 10:31:26 PM
   Review : I bought this because my studio is in an old house and the power is problematic. I was getting a lot of buzzing in my monitors, clearly due to dirty power. Bought this with mild skepticism from another site (selling it for about $35). Plugged everything in and presto! buzz gone. So I'm happy. $35 well spent.

 Name : R.k.
   8/11/2012 12:19:39 AM
   Review : The product has all the features I need at a great price!