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Customer's Reviews of Model PDC21
Average Rating :
 Name : Luis
   3/11/2014 4:35:15 PM
   Review : The box is well build with the features I was looking for. You can go wrong for the price. It does affect your sound a little bit, especially in a bass guitar. Other than that is a great product for recording and live applications.

 Name : Brian
   10/31/2013 7:17:59 PM
   Review : As far as I can remember, Pyle has been top of the line. Product lasts for years. As far as shipping, fast! Had it in two days.

 Name : Robert
   10/29/2013 2:33:34 PM
   Review : Excellent piece of kit and very good value for money

 Name : Clifford
   8/20/2013 9:05:04 PM
   Review : I've used many different products from Pyle and find that they hold there end when used properly these direct boxes have perform well for me.

 Name : Dirk
   5/14/2013 9:47:14 AM
   Review : Great product does what it is designed to do. It is ruggedly build. Will purchase more for the band.

 Name : David
   3/5/2013 6:12:49 PM
   Review : Good versatility with 3 position attenuation switch. Seems very clean & quiet using with my Ovation 12str and Breedlove 6str acoustic/elect. guitars. One could pay LOTS more for this quality...unnecessarily.