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Customer's Reviews of Model PDIW57
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 Name : Brent
   10/17/2013 12:26:14 PM
   Review : Believe me, I scoured the internet. And no one else comes close to this price. Less than $50 for a PAIR of ENCLOSED in-wall speakers. Not to mention there's only a fraction of companies even making enclosed in-wall speakers. I read each of the reviews about these here on Amazon. Of course for the price the manufacture of these speakers can't be the same as others that are upwards of $300 each. But that being said, simply be careful on your installation with them and then once they are mounted they will last. The main reason I wanted enclosed in-walls was for sound control. I didn't want any information bleeding out the back of the wall into the others areas of the house. I wanted it contained. And these do just that. Now, as for the audio quality. After the reviews I didn't expect much. And one doesn't equate high quality home theater products with the Pyle name by any stretch. I was absolutely floored by the quality in sound once they were all installed and configured and paired with my very capable active Yamaha sub. You should know that I am an Audio Engineer by trade so all I do is "critical listening". I'm telling you right now, if you want great sound on the smallest budget possible, this is it. This is the way to go. Also, due to the construction of our 1970's era home and the non-standard placement of the studs I also used one of these for our center channel. So our L/C/R setup all consists of the PDIW57's. Very pleased indeed.