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Customer's Reviews of Model PDWM3000
Average Rating :
 Name : Dwight
   5/28/2015 9:01:18 AM
   Review : Looks great easy to use

 Name : Francisco
   12/25/2014 3:04:53 PM
   Review : Great product and good range, so far one of the Bert microphone I ever used.

 Name : Lucas
   11/22/2014 9:27:03 AM
   Review : Excellent wireless microphone system. I'll recommend 100%

 Name : Ivan
   11/17/2014 3:22:56 PM
   Review : GOOD

 Name : Jagoba
   10/10/2014 7:32:59 PM
   Review : Amazing Mic

 Name : paula
   5/29/2014 9:33:40 AM
   Review : very good quality

 Name : Howard
   3/3/2014 11:33:23 PM
   Review : Everything seems to work as I expected up to this time. Has a good solid sound and low noise level

 Name : Edgar
   5/23/2013 5:49:13 PM
   Review : This is a good product. Works very well for what is needed in my store. I have tried many products and this one seems to work the best

 Name : Erskin
   3/27/2013 9:02:44 AM
   Review : Great Mics. Very simple installment. Great for karaoke or small club events. Digital display is very simple to read and the rechargeable mic feature cuts down the cost of buying batteries.

 Name : Dean
   12/21/2012 3:57:35 PM
   Review : Goes good with other equipment.

 Name : Joel
   7/15/2012 4:52:44 PM
   Review : I love my mic's. My wife and I have a karaoke setup at our house and it works great for that.

 Name : Frederick
   4/17/2012 1:06:54 PM
   Review : Just recieved it and hooked it up. The range is amazing. I ran though my house singing and never lost signal.

 Name : David
   6/13/2011 1:54:21 PM
   Review : really good mic's and reciver. good sound and good quality