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Customer's Reviews of Model PDWM3500
Average Rating :
 Name : Kelly
   11/4/2016 1:41:17 PM
   Review : We've had this for a couple years and love it

 Name : Stephen
   3/18/2015 2:09:52 PM
   Review : Used as a Church system. System worked as described, Had a problem with the plug in power supply for it. Gave a call to Pyle and had a new power supply in 2 days. Great service and a great product works as a high end unit that would cost much more. The real neat thing is this unit is plugged into a mixer and with the dual channel function it frees up a channel on the mixer without interference.

 Name : Benjiumen
   11/26/2013 9:46:59 AM
   Review : This item works fantastic.