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Customer's Reviews of Model PDWM8900
Average Rating :
 Name : Lisa
   12/2/2016 8:49:41 PM
   Review : Easy to use and set up. Sounds good!

 Name : Douglas
   7/5/2016 4:39:25 PM
   Review : We just did a musical and used these mics. Worked like a dream!

 Name : Inocencio
   6/8/2016 12:24:43 PM
   Review : I just tested the product and it worked very good.

 Name : Alan
   5/16/2016 12:45:10 PM
   Review : Purchased to use for an elementary school musical. Used all 8 mics and it worked great!

 Name : Joseph
   1/19/2015 11:01:12 AM
   Review : This is the second one of these I have purchased. The first was for a different school and we loved it so much I bought one for my new school!

 Name : Colony
   12/11/2014 12:55:30 PM
   Review : So Far so good...all units worked on removing from packaging. The packaging was well done. Have no issues with interfering with other equipment.

 Name : Thomas
   11/10/2014 5:47:47 PM
   Review : We were extremely excited to get this system for our school. So far, it has worked great and the students are clear when speaking.

 Name : Tearsa
   9/10/2014 4:54:18 PM
   Review : I am a sound and lighting technician at a cultural center that purchased these wireless headset/lavaliere mics for use in plays and performances. Though I haven't got to use them yet, I have tested them and though they seem cheaply made, work decently. The receiver radio packs are made of fragile, lightweight plastic that I worry may easily break if children drop it and there was a disturbing amount of feedback when wires on the headset or receiver are knocked against. Otherwise, they seem to work fine getting enough signal from the stage to the soundbooth.

 Name : Jeremy
   8/14/2014 6:36:29 PM
   Review : I purchased this product especially for using with puppets, works well for the task, not thrilled with the 9 volt batttery setup but otherwise seems to be a good product

 Name : Tanya
   11/20/2013 3:59:00 PM
   Review : 24 Wireless Lavalier Headset Microphones with the rack mount and head microphone attachments! The BEST IS STILL YET TO COME! Thanks Quality Car Audio in Brooklyn, NY & Pyle Audio Products for Affordable Quality Electronic Equipment!

 Name : Jeffrey
   10/15/2013 11:09:36 AM
   Review : Great unit for a great price. Options between lavalier and headset is a major plus.

 Name : Reginald
   5/10/2013 4:31:37 PM
   Review : I just installed it into our church sound system and it works and sound great.

 Name : Emiliano
   2/26/2013 7:00:16 PM
   Review :