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Customer's Reviews of Model PDWR63
Average Rating :
 Name : Brian
   12/10/2016 5:43:50 PM
   Review : I purchased these speakers for my rooftop deck they sound great.

 Name : Bill
   6/15/2015 11:13:10 AM
   Review : Perfect combination of high sensitivity, high power handling and clean sound.

 Name : JAMES
   8/10/2013 12:15:40 PM

 Name : Jan
   7/30/2013 6:32:26 AM
   Review : Bought these set of speakers to have music in my garden. They sound great. I am impressed by their sound. Connecting the wires is difficult. It is also a pitty that they are white. I sprayed them black, so they are not noticed too much.

 Name : Joe
   7/14/2013 7:28:40 PM
   Review : The speakers installed easily, sound great.

 Name : michael
   6/28/2013 6:38:10 PM
   Review : i am very pleased with the appearence and performance of this product.

 Name : Robert
   5/1/2013 3:38:26 PM
   Review : While the speakers appear to be heavy duty, they lack several quality features: • Flimsy binding post nuts • Poor alignment of mounting brackets to speaker case. • One bracket knobs jammed into threaded insert requiring it to be destroyed to be removed. • Poor owner’s manual with many misspellings. • Packet of four 1 ½” machine screws, nuts, & washers included with no explanation. So far, the sound quality seems to be fairly good.

 Name : Brett
   10/10/2012 5:27:01 PM
   Review : AWESOME! I have 120 watts going to them and they sound amazing. Much better than the Polks I did have!!

 Name : Alexander
   10/2/2012 8:46:12 PM
   Review : The sound is simply amazing.

 Name : shane
   6/19/2012 2:09:03 AM
   Review : Arrived in good condition. Have connected to Pioneer Receiver will comment on a few days re sound and performance.

 Name : alan
   4/30/2012 12:08:44 PM
   Review : good sound