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Customer's Reviews of Model PHBPB20
Average Rating :
 Name : Mary
   6/3/2015 7:51:59 PM
   Review : Great Product

 Name : Ralph
   12/2/2014 9:44:31 AM
   Review : Nice BP set up. I like the Bluetooth capability and software. Documentation is a little lacking, however; can't figure out how to get back into the physical profile to enter my hight. Nor can I figure out if the device is actually shutting down; data and date/time are still displayed even after sitting overnight. Is it supposed to?

 Name : Zhiyuan
   7/10/2014 12:36:42 AM
   Review :

 Name : Mark
   7/8/2014 12:34:46 PM
   Review : no instruction on how to sync

 Name : Scott
   6/15/2014 5:44:31 PM
   Review : So far so good

 Name : Edward
   6/11/2014 8:11:30 PM
   Review : Bluetooth worked beautifully with my Samsung Galaxy S5, small glitch with trying to correct my height.