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Customer's Reviews of Model PHIT84BK
Average Rating :
 Name : john
   7/5/2013 10:58:08 AM
   Review : sounds great looks great

 Name : Shannon
   4/12/2013 10:06:24 AM
   Review : PHIT84BK docking connector already broken after 2 months

 Name : Tracey
   1/16/2013 2:50:55 AM
   Review : When I first received the speaker, I was very pleased. It had a nice sound and I liked that I could hook up my iPhone. However, within a week, the iPod dock stopped working. I can still listen to it by attaching it using the auxiliary cable, but it won't charge this way. The radio sound is so-so. I've tried to adjust the antennae, but no luck. I do have the speaker connected to my DVR & it sounds great. I wish it had a digital optical audio connection to connect to my tv.

 Name : William
   12/28/2012 12:43:47 AM
   Review : This is a awesome unit for the money

 Name : Adrian
   12/3/2012 3:58:02 PM
   Review : I was skeptical at first because of the low price and what seemed to be connection issues, but within a few minutes the room was filled with great sound and I couldn't be happier with my first new sound tower! I'm using an old iPhone 3G to play pandora along with my music and audiobooks, and since it will be permanently in the dock I hope to avoid any connection problems that could occur from repeated docking/undocking.

 Name : Rob
   11/29/2012 3:34:47 PM
   Review : Overall good sound for the $130.00 I paid on Amazon. Great bass sound, but found you have to reduce it in order to better hear the high pitch sounds. Sharp looking and the sound can fill a large room

 Name : Mike
   10/25/2012 10:48:00 AM
   Review : This is a very satisfying piece of equipment. High quality sound and easy controls. I am happy with my purchase and would reccomend it to my friends.

 Name : Harry
   10/23/2012 10:12:17 AM
   Review : Birthday Gift, October 23, 2012 By Patricia A. Seay (Elkin, NC, US) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Pyle Home PHIT84BK iPod/iPhone 2.1 Tower Docking Speaker System with FM Radio (Electronics) I received this item as a birthday gift this month and really like it so far. Easy to use and sounds great. I use it with my nano and love the fact that it charges as it plays.