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Customer's Reviews of Model PHRM32
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 Name : Pedro
   8/28/2014 10:14:51 AM
   Review : Was looking for a low cost option and I have not been disappointed. It works as advertised and I am happy with the purchase. It takes some time to get a feel for the unit and understanding the menus and what they do and how to program the unit, but once you master the functions, it becomes second nature. My spouse and I share the unit and now it just takes me less than 30 seconds to program the unit when we use it. Very happy with this purchase.

 Name : Alexandra
   2/24/2012 11:10:19 PM
   Review : I received my watch in the mail today after my New Balance heart monitor conked out on me. I didn't have the budget to purchase a new one, but after searching Amazon for an alternative, I saw this watch and decided to purchase it without a doubt. I tried it out to this afternoon during my routine workout and it works GREAT!! I can't believe I just spent $20 on this which also includes a transmitter. I wish it would last longer than my New Balance.