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Customer's Reviews of Model PICL82B
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 Name : Michael
   10/23/2012 8:40:57 PM
   Review : Remote does not work?

 Name : Mary
   1/29/2012 1:49:13 PM
   Review : I have bveen looking for a system like this for a long time. All I could find were boom boxes. This is a nice looking, great sounding, easy to use unit.

 Name : Carey
   12/26/2011 9:01:14 PM
   Review : I am truly loving this docking station. Even though it is my first alarm clock/iPhone docking station it has all the features I wanted plus some. It is plenty loud to wake us up. Don't need a rock band in your bedroom at 4-5 in the morning to wake up. Love the soft on wake up feature. The digital radio and CD features are awesome. If for some reason the speakers quit working you can get some new ones that are small and make some 1/8 inch headphone plugs on the end of the speaker wire and your back in business. Again we had the same alarm clock for 15 years I suspect unless Apple changes the way they dock the next generations of iPhones that I will have this for many years to come.