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Customer's Reviews of Model PIPDSP2B
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 Name : Shaun
   2/3/2012 2:21:10 PM
   Review : Was looking for a nice speaker dock for my iPad2 that had a FM radio as well as a auxiliary input for my satellite radio tuner. Most products I looked at were priced way higher than this and most lacked either the FM tuner or the Aux port. Saw this and thought I would give it a try. The iPad was a little tricky at first to put in the dock. but after about 5 minutes of practice I now pop it in and out flawlessly. Sound quality is good for the iPad, FM Tuner and Aux port. One nice feature is the telescoping antenna. Most others either had a thin wire antenna or none at all. It makes it much easier tuning radio stations without having to move a wire around and hold it to the wall with tape or a thumb tack. I do wish the clock had more than just 24 hour format. If it does have a 12 hour format it is not in the manual to change it to that setting. Also if you are using it with the iPad you can't see the display. So figuring out which radios station, the source you are on and setting the eq takes some thought. Other than that is is serving my purposes just fine.