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Customer's Reviews of Model PITLBT30
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 Name : sheila
   8/9/2013 7:45:05 PM
   Review : i love the retro feature, i am SOOOOO tired of having blueteeth (ooths) attached to my head all the time! this i pick up and put down as needed and its economical for between the head and shoulder, just like my teenage years. also i imagine that at night time if i were to get a call it is easy to pick up and answer with out having the full effect of a big bright screen in my face waking me up even more-so. the problem is that at rakuten.com they indicated that this would wirelessly charge any kind of phone. this is not the case for my phone. i hope i am just setting on the base the wrong way? my battery of my cell is draining as i type this. there is no indication that my phone is charging at all. i have an lg motion (lgms770 model#) this defeats the whole convenience and appeal of the product. if you are an iphone type of person then good for you, but for me i will never buy into that crap and i hate i bought a product that does not support charging my phone. the bluetooth had no problem charging on the base wirelessly and no problem pairing to my phone. even worse i bought two of them under the same impression, one for me and one for my dad for his birthday but now i cant give it it to him because of this mess up....i just tried all different micro chargers connected to the base of the base and none of them produced an indication of my phone being charged wirelessly. crap. the price was for about 50$ a piece. sku# 246458370