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Customer's Reviews of Model PKS20
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 Name : James
   1/31/2015 5:10:09 PM
   Review : The Pyle PKS20 is a good solid keyboard stand with the double-rail X support system. The locking mechanism is very simple and straight forward. Easy to raise or lower the stand very quickly. The Stand can fold down flat to provide an easy method of storage, not taking up many cubic feet of space. It is solid and strong. The weight limit of 198 pounds is adequate for any keyboard with which I am acquainted. It gets an "A+" from me.

 Name : brandon
   5/2/2011 5:08:32 PM
   Review : This Pyle keyboard stand is a great stand I use it for my heavy Roland keyboard and it does the job.I never found an easer way how to lock this stand tight

 Name : leo
   Review : the handle to tighten it broke fast