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Customer's Reviews of Model PLA4478
Average Rating :
 Name : Thomas
   8/2/2016 12:34:05 PM
   Review : This amplifier was easy to configure for use with 4 speakers. The only issue is the rounded sides makes it hard for my particular install.

 Name : Justin
   1/7/2015 11:35:43 AM
   Review : I felt this was an amazing value for the money. Not only was it a powerhouse it rarly got warm. would reccomened to a friend!

 Name : Jerry
   5/14/2014 6:49:34 PM
   Review : Nice powerful source of amplifier. Releases good strong sound.

 Name : Kayla
   6/11/2012 3:23:04 PM
   Review : Easy to insatall/mount, drives all my speakers, great sound!

 Name : Jerry
   10/26/2011 2:57:41 AM
   Review :