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Customer's Reviews of Model PLBA530FRD
Average Rating :
 Name : dan
   5/31/2015 3:12:26 PM
   Review : Put it in my boat with 8"pyle sub a pair of 6"9 and 2 pair of 6.5" speakers. Sounds incredible with plenty of power! !

 Name : Arelia
   4/30/2015 12:46:26 PM
   Review : Great

 Name : Renato
   2/6/2015 3:16:12 PM
   Review : I need the microprocessor of the main board, that you shave the right factory. I wonder value and availability!

 Name : George
   11/5/2013 8:25:09 AM
   Review : Great AMP! Not 6800 watts but it definitely has some punch! I installed this with 4 Polk 6.5" and 1 JL Audio 12 sub woofer in my 96 Maxima I just finished tricking out with every performance mod known to mankind. I hammered this amp for an hour straight after tuning it all up perfect and when I checked it the beast was still cool to the touch! My old amp would have been able to light cigarettes off it's case if I pounded it like I did this amp. Class D amps are a whole different breed for sure. I'm very happy with my purchase.

 Name : perry
   6/6/2013 5:39:33 PM
   Review : great value