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Customer's Reviews of Model PLBT74G
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 Name : Scott
   1/28/2015 10:25:12 AM
   Review : You cannot continue to remove reviews that help people decide on this unit. The GPS system is incorrect and illegal and cannot be updated. I was told this was being worked out, two years ago. Nothing.

 Name : Jose
   9/7/2014 11:16:26 AM
   Review : It look is amazing, Have good size, easy installation, iam not audio profesional. Iam feel good.

 Name : German
   7/7/2014 10:06:42 PM
   Review : I contacted Pyle regarding my GPS sd card was outdated and they sent me a new updated gps sd card. Man there are still good companies out there that really care for us consumers Thank you Thank you so much.

 Name : Dev
   5/8/2012 6:57:30 PM
   Review : good product. good price

 Name : ROY
   5/7/2012 8:27:00 PM

 Name : michael
   5/2/2012 5:25:29 PM
   Review : Product performs as advertised. Nice unit for the price.

 Name : Juan
   4/27/2012 10:11:37 AM
   Review : I recently purchased this product and I have to say it worked better than I expected. I will recommend Pyle products to anyone.

 Name : James
   4/25/2012 4:26:07 AM
   Review : excited to install it and try. details in manual are not that clear or detailed for easy installation

 Name : Christian
   4/23/2012 12:35:38 PM
   Review : I Really like the radio. how it has everything for such a good price. But i'm having some trouble installing it (i'm no professional). But i'm pretty sure it has a software issue so i'm trying to get in contact with pyle to get it fixed.

 Name : Aaron
   3/24/2012 11:36:59 PM
   Review : this is a good product I recommend this product to everyone

 Name : jose
   3/18/2012 4:11:02 PM
   Review : this is a great stereo!! i travek into mexico all the time and this device has all you could ever ask!!! thank you for meking great quality products !!!

 Name : Mark
   3/15/2012 2:31:57 PM
   Review : Good Quality. Product met expectations

 Name : William
   3/10/2012 6:10:26 PM
   Review : Excellent

 Name : Michael
   3/6/2012 11:04:47 PM
   Review : Everything about the unit seems to work great. The only feature I haven't tried yet is the bluetooth connectivity. Other than that, everything works great. I do not like how far out it sticks from the dash, which I believe is due to the flip screen. Also I wish the colors on the screen could be changed to match the interior of my car. In general the unit looks like it's stuck in the 90's or 00's, but it's performance is very good!

 Name : eric
   2/17/2012 6:04:11 PM
   Review : this is my first dvd gps unit i like it the screen adjust and very easy to install it definently has more power than my jvc

 Name : WILSON
   7/6/2011 4:35:18 AM
   Review : VERY Good product,but the only disadvantage is on maps download.No indication where to download for othe countries.Good choice i like it!!