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Customer's Reviews of Model PLCM7500
Average Rating :
 Name : Robert
   8/22/2016 6:04:09 PM
   Review : Has a great picture and easy to install.

 Name : Dan
   8/22/2016 10:26:40 AM
   Review : I saw this model of backup camera used inan rv I was considering and when I finally landed on one I liked, I knew it had to have this feature for safety reasons and convenience.

 Name : Kent
   8/18/2016 5:22:35 PM
   Review : I Purchased this to be able to back up a 32' Travel Trailer as it is difficult to see totally using just the mirrors. This is a portable installation so I just slip on the camera on the trailer license bracket secure with wing nuts and run a very long cable down the door side of the trailer and the other end thru the window of the truck, put the screen in place of the speedometer and plug in the 12 volt to the outlet in the truck. Everything works great, when I am done I wind everything up and put it in a storage compartment in the trailer.

 Name : William
   8/9/2016 1:38:08 PM
   Review : Just hooked it up seems to work fine. The wiring was to small witch made it hard to get them tight in the connectors I use which matched the size of the wires on mt truck.

 Name : Michael
   8/4/2016 8:29:59 AM
   Review : This backup camera is great! The display monitor is large and clear. It's nice to be able to see objects behind me. Yesterday I intentionally tried to get as close to my garbage can as I could by watching the monitor. When I turned around to look over my shoulder I couldn't even see the garbage can but it was crystal clear in the monitor! In addition, I can see the "ball" for hitching my trailer - no more guessing how close or far away I am. Very nice!

 Name : Penny
   8/3/2016 11:16:03 AM
   Review : Great camera. Lots of bells and whistles. My husband loves it.

 Name : Mark
   7/28/2016 5:16:16 PM
   Review : I purchased this item to use on my personal car and have to back onto a drive pad at home. I just started driving this car and you cannot see out of the back. This was easy to install, I only had to drill one hole behind the car tag. I ran the wires under the carpet in the trunk lid, zip tied it to the lid support, ran them through the trunk and under the carpet trim on the door opening. It took about 40 minutes to complete. The camera is adjustable and gives a nice field of view. The markers are easy to read and spot on when you should stop. Night time is slightly grainy but still easy to see. I enjoy mine, my parking is so much easier now.

 Name : William
   7/25/2016 10:39:38 AM
   Review : Can't beat it for the cost

 Name : William
   7/24/2016 10:02:21 PM
   Review : Installed this unit in my 2012 F150. Screwed monitor into the flat dash tray on top and very discreetly hid the wires. The camera has a VERY GOOD picture quality. I don't think i could ask for a better picture. The nighttime picture is very good in any normal lit business parking lot. It gets a little grainy at home backing into my driveway, but it's still able to show my surroundings. My trucks reverse lights are very poor and I'm sure with brighter reverse lights it would be more like the picture i get at a store parking lot. I purchased this unit because of the larger monitor size (7 inches). The smaller monitors in the 3.5 - 4 inch size give you more options for mounting locations but i find them hard to see detail. I love the large clear image i get from this monitor but some people might not have the room in their vehicle for a monitor this size. My only complaint is that every now and then the monitor has a slight white flash or flicker. Its very brief and doesn't cause any loss of picture....just a minor annoyance. I don't know how common this problem is but i did read a review on another company website (i think it was amazon) that said pretty much the same thing. Im still am very satisfied with my purchase. Great price for this good a backup camera system.

 Name : Beverly
   7/23/2016 9:03:56 PM
   Review : Looks complicated to install. Limited instructions

 Name : Zach
   6/28/2015 9:08:57 PM
   Review : Ordering this I was expecting to get a high-def display and a pretty decent camera and a kit that would make the entire install possible. Unboxing all of this, everything looked good. My only concern was that the 17' cable wouldn't be long enough for my Extended cab Chevy, however I had about a foot and a half left over. After installing everything I noticed that the display was fully functioning, except that the display had a wide, light discoloration of the pixels. After turning it on a couple more times, it got progressively worse and worse until there were vertical lines all across the display. I am only giving it 4 stars because I assume that customer service will send me a replacement right away. Other than that it is a pretty decent backup system.

   3/20/2015 10:41:01 PM
   Review : Just got it today. Screen is just the right size. I have it mounted on the dash and it fits perfectly without obstructing my view when driving. Works well at night and it surely makes it easier to back up.

 Name : David
   1/21/2015 1:46:45 PM
   Review : Needs better instructions on installing and monitor to work.

 Name : Dereck
   12/25/2014 2:52:22 PM
   Review : LOVE IT!!!

 Name : lemuel
   12/19/2014 11:48:18 AM
   Review :

 Name : Prakah
   11/9/2014 12:15:33 AM
   Review : PLCM7500 works excellently

 Name : David
   10/22/2014 2:06:45 PM
   Review : This thing is great. It was fairly easy to install and setup was fast.

   9/14/2014 9:34:52 PM
   Review : good value

 Name : Ken
   1/22/2014 1:12:18 PM
   Review : The item works really well! I chose this unit because I wanted one with a larger display like the ones that come from the factory installed in the dash. I’ve only had it installed a week. The instructions for installation are pretty much nonexistent. I happen to be in aviation electrician so no problem wiring up but if you don’t have electrical background better instructions would be helpful. The wiring diagram for the camera shows to connect the hot wire to the reverse light wire. I chose to wire the unit to be powered at all times powering the camera and display unit by plugging into cigarette lighters. This unit has an on and off button right on the front of the display which makes it easy to control. I am using this unit on a Chevy volt which already has a large touch screen display in the center of the dash console. I used some sticky-back velcro, and attached it to the outside edges of the existing display, this area is not pertinent to the operation of a vehicle. This makes it easy to remove and use the other touch display whenever I don’t need the backup camera. The installation of this unit was a little time-consuming due to the fact that you have to con ceal the wire coming from the camera to the display unit but I think it works far superior to a wireless unit, and you will probably have less trouble with it.