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Customer's Reviews of Model PLCM8200
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 Name : Jack
   7/25/2014 10:19:25 AM
   Review : I like the dual video capability of this monitor. I have the backup circuit set to a camera that points at my trailer hitch ball. When I put the jeep in reverse I can see the ball and back right up to the trailer for an easy connection. It also lets me see behind well enough that if needed I can use it driving down the road in the event that something happens to the other camera. The second video input I have connected to another camera mounted high up on the rear. When I’m in any gear other than reverse the monitor changes to this camera, giving me 170 degree view behind me no matter how much stuff is piled in the back. I am not using the camera that came with the system. The mount on it was to flimsy and everything knocked it out of line. But then the mini cameras are very affordable and all seem to work with this monitor.

 Name : gabriel
   5/18/2013 2:08:09 PM
   Review : good product..needs instal instrc

 Name : Robert
   5/15/2013 8:14:53 AM
   Review : No Instructions for instalation