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Customer's Reviews of Model PLDN74BTI
Average Rating :
 Name : Lamech
   3/20/2017 4:11:34 PM
   Review : great radio and player. Got mine on Amazon and the bluetooth did not work.

 Name : maurice
   6/11/2015 4:06:09 PM
   Review : great but doesn't work 100% all the time.

 Name : kelvin
   4/6/2015 9:12:59 PM
   Review : VERY GOOD

 Name : shane
   1/30/2015 2:18:51 AM
   Review : The dawn thing is stuck in the up position

 Name : Bryon
   12/28/2014 11:28:15 AM
   Review : Good stereo. Signal less than expected. Easy install

 Name : Lisa
   11/14/2014 11:54:53 AM
   Review : I LOVE my new PYLE View stereo. It fit right into my car with no problems, and is state-of-the-art. Thank you for making excellent products.

 Name : Sergio
   10/28/2014 12:01:00 AM
   Review : Recomiendo este producto, ha llenado todas mis expectativas.

 Name : Jeff
   10/24/2014 9:49:04 PM
   Review : Only had it for week but so far I love it. Find somethimg new about it everyday. Reception is alittle weak but that may be my antanna cable

 Name : Diana
   7/24/2014 5:21:50 AM
   Review : Great Value, product works very well,easy installation, clear picture for DVD, bought 2!

 Name : Jerry
   7/23/2014 1:40:26 PM
   Review : Good product however having problems with the Bluetooth sync. Sometimes it doesn't initialize properly

 Name : anthony
   7/18/2014 11:56:19 PM
   Review : The 7 inch touch screen head unit is great. It is user friendly. It over powers the factory speakers easy you will have to go after market for something better then factory.the only con I have is the user manual it is a waste no help at all. But overall I give it a 7.5 out of 10

 Name : Chris
   6/4/2014 1:07:22 PM
   Review : This product is amazing

 Name : Adrian
   5/21/2014 8:41:28 AM
   Review : http://www.amazon.com/review/R3U4TAHJ22FV0Z

 Name : Richard
   5/15/2014 2:28:29 PM
   Review : Looks Good Installed, Connects to Bluetooth phones without problem. Works very good

 Name : Phillip
   8/25/2013 5:43:17 PM
   Review : Great but why is the turn on volume 15. With my equipment that is pretty loud.

 Name : Lawrence
   8/16/2013 10:02:30 PM
   Review : everything seems to work except that I cannot get my ipod classic to work with the ipod interface. Still working on it but maybe my ipod is too old (;<()

 Name : Shasta
   8/9/2013 1:33:13 AM
   Review : Just got my Pyle 7" Double DIN as an anniversary present. My boyfriend just finished the install! I love it! It has a very clear picture, touch screen, and Bluetooth that works great!We also installed a Koolertron License Plate Back Up Camera with it, that I love! It sounds and looks awesome in my '07 ford focus. It hasn't been in a full 24hrs yet nut so far, I definitely give this product 5 stars!!

 Name : Freddie
   8/8/2013 3:40:41 PM
   Review : The product seems good for the most part

 Name : richard
   7/31/2013 4:28:05 PM
   Review : Awesome

 Name : Quentin
   7/8/2013 11:31:01 AM
   Review : Product is perfect and clarity is amazing. Bluetooth works fast and as expected!

 Name : sultan
   6/6/2013 10:43:30 PM
   Review : great product many capable functions at a great price

 Name : Jerom,e
   5/14/2013 12:01:42 PM
   Review : its the best

 Name : Julian
   2/2/2013 6:26:31 PM
   Review : I bought this radio as a replacement for another aftermarket radio I had in my truck that simply went blank. I chose to buy this one because of the reviews and the price. After installing it, (myself) I was extremely happy with the result. The sound quality is miles above my last radio and the Bluetooth works great. Since I already had a camera installed on the truck that part of the install was plug and play and the camera works flawlessly. One thing I like about the camera, is that in backup mode it does not shut off the radio, leaving you to wonder what your favorite radio personality said about your favorite artist while you were backing up into the driveway. Back to the sound, I still have the stock speakers in the f250 and this radio makes them sound better than I have ever heard them before. Also I must mention that the iPod/iPhone hookup does charge while plugged in as well. If you are on the fence, just go ahead and get it, you won't be disappointed. My only regret is if I had know it would have been of his good a quality, I would have looked into getting one with more features, like GPS.

 Name : jose
   11/24/2012 9:25:10 AM
   Review : great performance and value

 Name : Adam
   8/22/2012 8:17:45 PM
   Review : Just received and installed this stereo. So far its top notch. Loving the Bluetooth functionability.

 Name : tom
   8/11/2012 10:02:49 PM
   Review : I spent allot of time looking for a radio for my son for his first car. The car is a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Track 4WD. The existing radio had a stuck CD as well as not having Bluetooth, etc. What do you expect for 2001. In any event, I was looking for a double din radio that had Bluetooth. The primary reason being is that I wanted him to be able to drive and take a call hands free. I decided on the Pyle PLDN74BTi. Picked it up from Amazon for $158. What a good deal. We literally just finished installing it and it works flawlessly. Plays DVDs (good for a date in the back seat ... yes it has a remote control), iPod connectivity works excellent, Pandora sounds fantastic and the Bluetooth phone does what I need it to do. It even sucks out the phone book from his phone. Because we just installed it I cannot attest to its longevity but I have to tell you from first impressions, you simply cannot go wrong with this unit!

 Name : corey
   7/10/2012 10:25:00 PM
   Review : Again, good deal. For features and function Vs. price. Really good deal. Have already recommended to others! I probably wont have to but I would purchase again!

 Name : Paul
   6/15/2012 9:03:47 PM
   Review : For the money this is by far the nicest stereo you can buy.My wife likes mine so much I am now putting one in her car.

 Name : Christopher
   4/12/2012 8:29:20 PM
   Review : After careful review, I decided to purchase the Pyle PLDN74BTI through Amazon, for installation in a 2007 Ford F-350. The installation went ok.. I purchased an installation kit in advance, and had to modify it to fit this stereo, but once I did everything else went well. I agree with other reviewers that the user interface could be more appealing perhaps, and should exclude items that the radio doesn't have (i.e. navigation, TV, etc.). The power from the radio, and the sound quality on the OE speakers is excellent. iPod interface is also quite good. Still testing other features, but overall satisfied thus far.

 Name : Ronny
   3/29/2012 4:52:12 PM
   Review : Excelente

 Name : Benjamin
   2/28/2012 8:50:55 PM
   Review : I was impressed with the numerous and easy to use functions, such as blue tooth. The 7" screen provided a clear picture for DVDs,pics and rear camera viewing. I am unsatisfied with the performance and reliablity of the touch screen. Sometimes the touch screen will not respond to my commands forcing me use locate and use the remote or power down.

 Name : Nathan
   2/15/2012 8:54:43 PM
   Review : Best CD/DVD player i have ever owned and at great value.

 Name : Nathan
   2/15/2012 8:43:13 PM
   Review : I really enjoy this product. It puts out alot more power than my old CD player. The picture quality for the price is awesom.

 Name : Dontrel
   2/13/2012 1:08:06 PM
   Review : other than trying to find just the right install kit for it...i connected everything..which was tricky and it works great..plays thru my car speakers..bluetooth..dvd..radio..all work great!..still need to test backup cam!!

 Name : Jamie
   2/1/2012 12:12:07 AM
   Review : Good for the price. I found mine for under $200. It works well for the most part but I do have complaints. The software it glitchy to say the least. Devices connected via USB have issues such as no sound, and the need for plugging and unplugging the cable so the PYLE DVD can see the USB device. The software load time is longer than I would like. I give it 4 stars because for this price you get what you pay for, no more, no less.

 Name : Noel
   1/19/2012 11:26:36 PM
   Review : Bought this for my wifes Hummer H3 and it's a nice unit for the money. Everything functions as advertised and it seems built well. The instruction manual borders on useless and I would recommend ground loop isolators to cut down on alternator whine, but that could just be our vehicle (even with a dedicated chassis ground wire). Bluetooth is slick, DVD player works perfect, MP3 and SD. All in all a good unit

 Name : steven
   12/28/2011 8:59:37 PM
   Review : Bought this system as a Christmas gift for my son. We installed it ourselves in his chevy Silverado Pickup. Hooked it up to the existing speakers & a 400amp Lightening Auudio amplifier to 2, 10" P1 Punch Subwoofers. My Son is really happy with the recievers clarity & power output. The Bluetooth connected to his phone, & his contact list came up on the screen almost immediately. The graphics are clear, nothing fancy, but also no frills. The menu's are easily navigated through and are in a logical, easy to figure out layout. System has only been installed for a few days, but thus far, overall I am very happy with my purchase. My only negative has to be the lack of installation instructions included in the box, but a call to technical support answered the few questions I had that weren't obviouse from the wiring diagram on a sticker on back side of the reciever. More than expected for the money invested!

 Name : Jamie
   12/24/2011 11:29:13 AM
   Review : I really like my head unit. It had everything i wanted on it.

 Name : tracy
   11/27/2011 2:10:38 PM
   Review : installed this with plcm10 backup camera..works great and sounds much better than stock stereo.dvd is good and bluetooth works great..one glitch is when you shift gears the screen goes off for a couple seconds when you pass reverse..otherwise happy with system

 Name : Mike
   10/17/2011 4:51:46 PM
   Review :

   7/29/2011 12:26:13 PM
   Review : ok