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Customer's Reviews of Model PLHR76
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 Name : Gennaro
   3/29/2017 10:16:59 AM
   Review : I installed three of these in my Ford Excursion. Very easy to install and wiring is a breeze. Not bad for three items under $130.

 Name : Leyana
   11/13/2014 10:30:55 AM
   Review : Great product!

 Name : david
   2/28/2013 10:07:47 AM
   Review : I have the PLHR77, very simular to the PLHR76. the monitor works great. I use it as a backup camera in a payloader. my only complaint is the instructions are different from the product. there is one more wire than in the instructions. I ussume it is ti turn on the unit when in reverse but I just leave it on all the time since it is backing up half the time.