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Customer's Reviews of Model PLMCA90
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 Name : Thomas
   5/9/2014 11:17:34 AM
   Review : I have these speakers on my center console boat and they sound great! They are small enough not to be in the way but still crank out the tunes!

 Name : Lisa
   4/1/2014 7:31:10 PM
   Review : These speakers are bad ass! They are super loud with crisp, clear sound! I could hear them on a pretty windy day (25 mph winds) doing 80 with a full face helmet on! The USB and volume control are both very heavy duty metal frames. Although I didn't install the volume control initially, I will have to add it back on to make adjusting the sound easier because going from 80 to hitting city streets this thing is just WAY too loud! LOL The speakers themselves are all metal and sturdy themselves, but the design is lame...they look like shower heads. Instructions are lacking. Not very clear. It says it is plug and play, but on my 2006 HD Deluxe the connection at the end that was supposed to plug into my bike was almost the same connection that was on my bike, both were female ends. I cut off both connections and spliced them together and also added my usb to this splice. I put my amp and extra wiring in my windshield pouch, but noticed today that the amp was super hot, so I will have to find out if that is normal. Overall I am VERY happy with this purchase. I would recommend anyone looking at Cycle Sounds or Boom Audio to check these out first. $300 cheaper and you get 4 speakers that are all metal and not plastic.