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Customer's Reviews of Model PLMRA400
Average Rating :
 Name : Floyd
   4/4/2017 3:43:08 PM
   Review : Looks to be of good quality after wiring it up worked first try.

 Name : christopher
   6/12/2015 5:18:27 PM
   Review : device works great except came with one of the high level input adapters that would not hold a connection

 Name : Ralph
   2/23/2015 3:07:47 PM
   Review : https://www.amazon.com/gp/css/order-history/ref=oh_aui_pagination_1_2?ie=UTF8&orderFilter=months-6&search=&startIndex=10

 Name : david
   11/20/2014 6:18:12 PM
   Review : looks real good

 Name : Jared
   9/29/2014 8:07:15 PM
   Review : I hooked this amp up with four 200 watt pioneer speakers. The sound quality is very good and loud, with no distortion and a very full range.

 Name : Timothy
   9/9/2014 4:20:16 PM
   Review : Great amp just right for my boat.

 Name : edwin
   5/22/2014 12:56:56 AM
   Review : Very good sound,if your not looking for a a fancy amp this is the one.

 Name : patrick
   6/13/2013 5:57:11 PM
   Review : I bought this amp to power up a jam box cooler that I built. It sounds great and its perfect for the rugged outdoors. I wanted something durable for the elements, but with some good sound and this provided what I needed!

 Name : Michael
   4/22/2013 11:49:44 AM
   Review : Easy installation, quality appearance and superior performance

 Name : Scott
   11/7/2012 12:58:54 PM
   Review : Light weight, Clean design, Universal connectors make installation Easy !!

 Name : Kaitlin
   7/7/2012 1:06:28 AM
   Review : I don't know what these other folks are whining about, it's a $45 amp, I guess they thought they were getting a $500 amp instead of this $45 amp, I dunno... This amp serves it's purpose well and rocks the hell out of my daughters VW Cabrio. It's driving four 6.5" and two 6" subs in a custom box I built for her VW. The system now sounds waaaaayyyy bigger than it actually is after the addition of this amp and installing it was a piece of cake too. Clear and easy to understand instructions. I'm probably going to buy another one of these amps and hold on to it so I can put into my Jeep when I buy it.

 Name : Daniel
   8/30/2011 8:15:01 AM
   Review : This amp has performed great as a replacement for my POS DUAL amp. Don't ever buy that brand. This amp is connected to my 8inch sub in my boat and so far I love it! It gets the ladies to partyyyyyyyy