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Customer's Reviews of Model PLMRBS8
Average Rating :
 Name : Jim
   6/10/2015 2:14:27 PM
   Review : Great sub for surface mount! Works as advertised...

 Name : Jim
   3/27/2013 5:39:04 AM
   Review : Sounds great in my boat.

 Name : Nathan
   11/15/2012 5:35:27 PM
   Review :

 Name : Thomas
   4/15/2012 5:48:27 PM
   Review : Sounds good! Great addition to my boat. Easy install.

 Name : David
   8/19/2011 11:22:03 AM
   Review : So far so good, sounds great in my 20 foot ski boat in the driveway. Taking it out on the water this weekend.

 Name : Richard
   7/6/2011 1:19:53 PM
   Review : I installed this sub on my motorcycle... It produces an amazing amount of bass for it's size and gives me a more "surrounding" sound experience while motorcycling.

 Name : Leo
   4/22/2011 8:04:02 PM
   Review : This is a great subwoofer. Its small size fit in my small boat perfectly. It may be small but it h