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Customer's Reviews of Model PLMRKT13BK
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 Name : James
   3/24/2015 2:17:05 PM
   Review : Supersonic shipping and a good price for a entry level unit, I installed this kit in a MC fairing and it mounted without any hitches, the instructions were good and everything to do the job was in the kit. Overall the sound quality is good. Very Pleased with kit.

 Name : robert
   9/7/2014 6:00:57 PM
   Review : Had neighbor to help me with wiring,difficult to figure out.

 Name : Dwayne
   11/13/2012 1:59:50 PM
   Review : Great for the price, got it at half price on ebay though. Very sleek looking, but wireless remote wont work. No big deal though.

 Name : Carla
   7/14/2011 7:14:28 PM
   Review : radio was installed in a week after rceieved, worked real well and was happy with it. Left on vacation It totally quit on us. Please help,I did like it

 Name : Brandon
   6/28/2011 7:23:44 PM