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Customer's Reviews of Model PLPW12D
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 Name : kevin
   3/27/2015 5:05:26 AM
   Review : I purchase this pyle sub by mistake was just trying to figure out what had changed in wish list cart watched list i had intended on the wish list for later but ended up purchaseing the plpw12d and i love it my old sub thats was a trooper finanally blew just days before recieving the new one even though i was not finacaily ready to buy Im happy i did now i need more stuff just to build on from this sub it deserves a powerful amp and good crossover i hope im not pushing it to hard till i find a better match for it 500 watt bridged kenwood 1000max it claims is pretty loud shackes the house when im not even in there

 Name : james
   3/17/2015 10:58:24 PM
   Review : Not sure yet gotta break it in but sounds good at 250w rms

 Name : Justin
   6/18/2013 6:33:51 PM
   Review : Great Subwoofer!! Instaled it as soon as I got it. Sounds Great!