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Customer's Reviews of Model PLPW15D
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 Name : Ron
   11/18/2014 12:26:34 AM
   Review : After waiting awhile, Pyle (aka Sound Around), emailed the T/S Parameters and I noticed the magnet weight is different from what is listed on the webpage. Although 2.1ft3 at44hz 6" diameter x 9" long port tube, WinisD calculates differently. Great Sub woofer will be getting more!!

 Name : Steven
   11/11/2014 6:57:57 PM
   Review : Well made woofer and DVC adds flexibility. A great value woofer!

 Name : Jeff
   10/28/2014 12:24:08 PM
   Review : This is a very versatile speaker for under 75 bucks! I use it in my bass (guitar) cabinet.

 Name : William
   2/21/2014 5:37:29 AM
   Review : BANGING !!!!

 Name : Serge
   11/22/2013 5:22:24 PM
   Review : Finaly PYLE gave the thiele-small parameter. Nice sub sound real good. Not desapointed about mi purchase.

 Name : Ron
   7/8/2013 1:52:13 PM
   Review : Great sub, but customer service refuses to tell me the TS Parameters on the item. too bad, I would have purchased more items from Pyle....

 Name : Francisco
   5/9/2012 3:31:00 PM