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Customer's Reviews of Model PLTS78DUB
Average Rating :
 Name : Pristyna
   11/7/2016 4:55:43 PM
   Review : Amazing product love it so much more then what I ask

 Name : Danny
   12/12/2014 6:04:39 PM
   Review : good value , easy to install and has good sound

 Name : booker
   11/15/2014 2:23:10 PM
   Review : Good starter deck / lots of features. Distorts at high volume but use a line driver and ur good and set it correctly. Excellent picture quality. Instructions for the normal.user need to be CLEARER!! Just had my first unit be DOA..never had that happen before. Bad because its for a REALLY nice show vehicle.. get the unit. Gps etc..you cant beat this..

 Name : Martin
   7/11/2014 1:41:27 PM
   Review : Overall product works well with a easy to view screen and hands free phone great while driving

 Name : tommy
   7/10/2014 11:53:42 AM

 Name : Carlos
   5/1/2014 8:51:13 PM
   Review : Clear sound great price for a nice audio system.

 Name : PETER
   8/28/2013 9:48:49 PM

 Name : kenneth
   5/25/2013 2:41:23 PM
   Review : Ok, so i bought the Pyle PLTS78DUB car audio/video system. The connector already on it mated right up with my VW's connector; I just had to move two wires around. The fit is a little tight because of all of the wiring, but one in, it sounded good and the controls make a lot of sense; nothing too complicated or too under-whelming. BT mated right up with my iPhone, but i wish that it would mate with more than one (although maybe it can and i haven't read that far into the manual yet.) Lot's of choices for wiring up auxiliary video and audio options. Gonna RTFM now and see what other tricks i can do with it.

 Name : Brian
   5/25/2013 9:53:03 AM
   Review : I would recommend this product. Cheaply made but worth the price.

 Name : Ahmad
   4/12/2013 1:10:10 PM
   Review : A lot of problems with remote control. Screen comes on when it wants to. DVD will not eject.

 Name : Benny
   3/27/2013 8:36:38 AM
   Review : The product worked very well in terms of sound and video, though the mechanism jammed and the team does not come complete carapace. touch me to send it to repair shop because in Venezuela have no servicing.

 Name : Coty
   2/22/2013 10:07:18 AM
   Review : not sure havent installed it yet no reviews as of now

 Name : greg
   1/13/2013 9:37:59 AM
   Review : nice pic good sound very easy to navigate

 Name : Malik
   1/2/2013 6:35:12 PM
   Review : 7-Inch In-Dash Detachable Motorized Touchscreen TFT/LCD Monitor with DVD/CD/MP3/MP4/USB/SD/AM-FM Bluetooth Receiver

 Name : jose
   12/28/2012 5:54:15 PM

 Name : Paul
   11/15/2012 9:45:10 PM
   Review : Directions could be a little more specific about the brown parking brake wire. Everything else was very good. Install went well and unit plays great.

 Name : Eric
   10/21/2012 9:18:05 AM
   Review : Pretty cool and works well, I did have to send it in for warranty work and it took three emails to get tech support to reply but hopefully I get it back and it should be fine.

 Name : Omar
   9/24/2012 11:04:48 PM
   Review : It is really a high end quality for the low price. thanks.

 Name : gwen
   9/23/2012 9:18:36 PM
   Review : excellent product

 Name : othniel
   9/20/2012 10:46:15 AM
   Review : didnt work properly when i got it but what was working worked great. hoping to get it fixed so i can love it more than i do

 Name : Nasel
   9/4/2012 2:13:28 PM
   Review : Lovely look and just what I paid for

 Name : David
   6/28/2012 4:40:53 AM
   Review : Thank you for an excellent product again.

 Name : Tyler
   6/5/2012 10:43:11 PM
   Review : I like everything on it is a good thing but I am have problys with my speaker sound is not working and have tryed everything

 Name : Pajell
   5/11/2012 11:14:50 AM
   Review : Overall great in-dash for the price, the bluetooth is one of its best features cause your able to stream music and also make phone calls

   4/29/2012 1:10:02 AM

 Name : Kevin
   3/10/2012 6:27:21 PM
   Review : This a awesome product. It does everything you will need. My fravorite feature is the bluetooth. I use it for my phone and my Ipod. all for less then $200.00.

 Name : Heather
   2/18/2012 1:24:58 AM
   Review : I just got a new Pyle 7-Inch In-Dash Detachable Motorized Touch Screen TFT/LCD Monitor with DVD/CD/MP3/MP4/USB/SD/AM-FM Bluetooth Receiver for my car so the kids can watch movies and I can use it to make calls on, it is so amazing! I absolutely love it! My baby girl thinks its hers tho! LOL, I ordered it from Amazon, its really a lifesaver on long trips, no more whining from the back seat, just silence and an occasional giggle! I am so excited I keep thinking of excuses to get in the car and go places!

 Name : john
   12/23/2011 1:54:38 PM
   Review : "happy buyer". i was very pleased at the quality of the sound and video on this inexpensive lcd head unit.installation was average difficulty and i am ready for a long road trip.

 Name : Ivan
   10/20/2011 1:29:46 AM
   Review : Everything about this head unit is great, definitely satisfied. The screen is clear, very easy to use interface.