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Customer's Reviews of Model PLVHR75
Average Rating :
 Name : Shauna
   10/5/2014 1:54:33 PM
   Review : Bought 2 of these units for our car for the back seat headrest. Picture quality is great. Hooked into the system quickly and easily. Love long trips.

 Name : David
   6/5/2014 10:47:22 PM
   Review : Great color and definition. Easy to install. Remote control makes for easy operation.

 Name : Stephen
   5/16/2013 1:20:29 PM
   Review : I have only had it installed a short time but it lookk good and seems to work well.

 Name : Andrew
   6/8/2012 2:16:35 PM
   Review : great monitor very easy to set up

 Name : Keith
   1/1/2012 7:57:41 PM
   Review : I really like the 7" monitor...worked right out of the box. Real clear and has good color. Like the reverse video feature