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Customer's Reviews of Model PMA90
Average Rating :
 Name : Danny
   10/21/2014 3:53:51 PM
   Review : Functional at a good price. But don't know performance yet. Instruction says direct wind at the arrow, but there is no arrow.

 Name : John
   10/4/2014 4:45:48 PM
   Review : As a non-professional, I found this product very user friendly and the quality of construction was excellent

 Name : Jeffrey
   9/27/2014 9:18:25 PM
   Review : I bought this unit because my speedometer broke on my truck and I need to know how fast I am driving.I think this unit will work great. I would like to fix or figure out how to get from C to F just to know. I'll let you know how it work's. JT

 Name : michael
   3/7/2014 12:18:19 AM
   Review : its great does everything I need it to

 Name : Johh
   2/1/2014 10:48:31 AM
   Review : With this product I was able to quickly balance out the room temperatures on my hot air heating system.

 Name : John
   1/30/2014 1:02:05 PM
   Review : Good price and a fine meter. Easy to use comes with a case to keep it safe