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Customer's Reviews of Model PMHM2
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 Name : Pastor
   10/24/2016 10:03:06 AM
   Review : I ordered this to replace a factory wireless mic that failed shortly after purchase. I was skeptical due to the low cost, but all of the specs sounded good. I will start with the great things and mention one or two that I wish were different, but overall this is a GREAT value with very good sound! I had to perform shortly after receiving this, and had arranged to use a stand and mic, but when this came and I had briefly looked it over I decided to give it a try. Initial set up was simple as I had all the rest of the wireless system ready to go. I was immediately impressed with the quality of sound, and the sensitivity of the mic. I have read reviews that seem to indicate this is not adjustable, but I found no problem in doing so. I have carefully shaped the over the ear pieces to better accommodate the fit, as well as positioned the mic so that it sets right in the corner of my mouth opening by sliding the wires of the headset. I play guitar and sing in Church services as an evangelist at various places and with the adjustments I believe this one will perform very well. It did remarkably well today! I have to run my own sound, and am not professionally trained, but do have 40+ years experience, so getting a good sound was not decidedly difficult. Unlike the factory mic this replaced there is NO "huffing" picked up by my breath on this TINY microphone! I had trouble with the other one all the time, but this one is flawless! The vocals are clear, crisp, and very good especially at this price point. As far as my few dislikes, here they are; 1)The microphone sponges have such a tiny hole I found it virtually impossible to get it on the mic. I finally cut a small slit in the opening end and got it on, but it slipped off during the performance and I had no time to replace it. If someone knows how to make this easier, please advise me. Thanks! 2)The 3.5 rmm plug has threading, but no way to secure it to my PylePro belt pack. I am concerned it will come out at an inopportune time, but it did not in its first test run today. The wire the plug end is attached to is not re-enforced well and was the cause of failure of the last mic. I wonder how long this will take to fail? I may try to re-enforce it myself to extend its durability, but do not understand why the manufacturer does not see fit to perhaps raise the cost a bit and add some solidarity so as to prevent failure. With that being said, if it fails I will try to find another and will probably have to buy two or three in case of premature failures. I would recommend this to a person who will use it for computer, or similar non-stressful uses, and would not say to others to give it a try for it is really a good value, and depending on how long it lasts could prove to be VERY good to own. Good job on design, light-weight, and seeming quality so far, to the manufacturer. Get one, and try it for your needs, but be sure it runs on a powered connection, such as a wireless mic belt pack, or it will not work. Sounds good enough for people to compliment on the sound of the music and preaching today! GET ONE QUICK, FOR GOOD THINGS TOO OFTEN DISAPPEAR FROM PRODUCTION.

 Name : Neeraj
   8/1/2014 3:09:23 AM
   Review : Great sound for the cost. More than expected, no matter of the reviews.

 Name : DIMOS
   7/29/2013 5:43:06 PM

 Name : Yoon Kyu
   2/11/2013 9:48:39 PM
   Review : Really light and small Mic. Can't be aware of its weight Two Sponges for Mic

 Name : Philip
   8/7/2012 12:11:37 PM
   Review : works great

 Name : Robert
   4/23/2012 3:15:49 PM
   Review : Love it. Can't believe how tiny it is. How can sound travel through a wire this thin? I'm giving this product five stars because it is better than any inexpensive mic headset I've ever used. It's better in every way. I only have two issues with this product. It comes with little sponge tips to slip over the small mic head. I guess this is to protect it from getting dirty or maybe it serves some audio quality purpose. The boom on the headset is so thin that the sponge tip looks weird, like it's a foreign object sticking to my face. The boom appears to be designed to hug the face so there is no space between my face and the boom. Some people might prefer to have a minimal amount of space between face and boom. Personally, I it would be nice to be able to adjust it so it's not lying on my skin, but this is not such a big deal. So I took the foamy tip off and now it REALLy looks invisible from a short distance away. Product advice: be gentle with it because it seems like it will break or bend easily. Don't just throw it into your backpack. Hard to expect more durability from something so inexpensive, though. I'm loving this headset and I bought two more for some friends who use wireless transmitter equipment. A friend listened through headphones while I tested the mic and she said the sound quality was excellent. So, it's not perfect in terms of how it hugs my face so closely and because of the the funny "sponge tip" effect, but I'm still giving it five stars.

 Name : Ken
   10/3/2011 2:51:00 PM
   Review :