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Customer's Reviews of Model PMHM2
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 Name : Neeraj
   8/1/2014 3:09:23 AM
   Review : Great sound for the cost. More than expected, no matter of the reviews.

 Name : DIMOS
   7/29/2013 5:43:06 PM

 Name : Yoon Kyu
   2/11/2013 9:48:39 PM
   Review : Really light and small Mic. Can't be aware of its weight Two Sponges for Mic

 Name : Philip
   8/7/2012 12:11:37 PM
   Review : works great

 Name : Robert
   4/23/2012 3:15:49 PM
   Review : Love it. Can't believe how tiny it is. How can sound travel through a wire this thin? I'm giving this product five stars because it is better than any inexpensive mic headset I've ever used. It's better in every way. I only have two issues with this product. It comes with little sponge tips to slip over the small mic head. I guess this is to protect it from getting dirty or maybe it serves some audio quality purpose. The boom on the headset is so thin that the sponge tip looks weird, like it's a foreign object sticking to my face. The boom appears to be designed to hug the face so there is no space between my face and the boom. Some people might prefer to have a minimal amount of space between face and boom. Personally, I it would be nice to be able to adjust it so it's not lying on my skin, but this is not such a big deal. So I took the foamy tip off and now it REALLy looks invisible from a short distance away. Product advice: be gentle with it because it seems like it will break or bend easily. Don't just throw it into your backpack. Hard to expect more durability from something so inexpensive, though. I'm loving this headset and I bought two more for some friends who use wireless transmitter equipment. A friend listened through headphones while I tested the mic and she said the sound quality was excellent. So, it's not perfect in terms of how it hugs my face so closely and because of the the funny "sponge tip" effect, but I'm still giving it five stars.

 Name : Ken
   10/3/2011 2:51:00 PM
   Review :