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Customer's Reviews of Model PMKSM20
Average Rating :
 Name : tenna
   5/31/2015 9:01:00 AM
   Review : The stand fell apart at at the tightening nuts.

 Name : Huey
   4/23/2015 7:25:21 PM
   Review : great vocal mic for Female or Male vocals buy many to use for harmonies with the whole band LOVE THIS MIC also came with a BOOM STAND SGT Huey Falls USMC Ret.

 Name : Barry
   2/18/2015 1:40:57 PM
   Review : The system sounded good from the moment we put the stand together and powered it up

 Name : Chris
   12/28/2012 4:46:00 PM
   Review : An excellent product I received for Christmas for musical recording, I love it buy this product!