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Customer's Reviews of Model PMKSPAD1
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 Name : Greg
   1/26/2014 3:16:10 PM
   Review : awesome product as described

 Name : Samuel
   1/26/2014 12:46:55 PM
   Review : Great product. Very sturdy. Much more than I expected for the cost. Only issue was that the ipad is too heavy for the stand when the arm is extended to its fullest length. Keep the ipad near the main support column or it will tip over.

 Name : Humberto
   7/3/2012 8:29:13 PM
   Review : We were looking for a solution to all of the iPads being held by the worship team in church during service. The "oops, I forgot the ipad was leaning on the music stand" happened way too many times. This is an excellent solution for that dilemma. We ordered two for the musicians and 3 for the singers.. I have a funny feeling we will be placing an order for more very soon.