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Customer's Reviews of Model PMP35R
Average Rating :
 Name : Onya
   4/11/2017 1:48:10 PM
   Review : So far so good.

 Name : Robert
   9/29/2016 4:31:20 PM
   Review : Excellent equipment, it does everything I want it to. Great value for the money.

 Name : Chris
   6/20/2015 4:01:36 PM
   Review : Some static in background of voice recorder, but adequate. Everything else works very well.

 Name : Jeremiah
   12/13/2014 1:25:03 PM
   Review : Works very well. Used at daycare. Gets kids attention quickly both inside and out. Great purchase

 Name : Mallory
   5/2/2014 2:53:52 PM
   Review : Bought this Megaphone for when we go camping in Maine. Having a lot of fun with it!

 Name : Mallory
   5/2/2014 2:51:23 PM
   Review : Love this product, going to have a lot of fun with friends!

 Name : JESSE
   3/14/2014 11:03:54 AM

 Name : William
   6/18/2013 3:43:43 PM
   Review : This megaphone is perfect for sporting events and the small church group functions I purchased it for.

 Name : yolanda
   6/17/2013 8:37:41 PM
   Review : i like it because my kids hear my when i call now from outside without yelling. i recommend for anyone with kids and their sporting events. yolanda b

 Name : Sherwin
   11/20/2012 8:55:44 PM
   Review : Just received today and everything seems to be working. I am planning to use on patrols for he US Coast Guard Auxiliary. This device was rcommended by a fellow auxiliarst.

 Name : Bill
   8/16/2012 4:50:19 PM
   Review : This is a great product.I needed a warning device for when I move large vessels in my shop. the siren function is perfect. The Bullhorn works great in this noisy shop.