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Customer's Reviews of Model PMP50
Average Rating :
 Name : Bill
   5/30/2015 3:58:50 PM
   Review : Our two units are working well so far. The battery insertion schematic is a bit confusing and it took a couple of iterations to get sound. Great otherwise.

 Name : Richard
   8/23/2014 2:08:46 AM
   Review : I highly recommend this product

 Name : Donna
   6/12/2014 3:26:24 PM
   Review : Very pleased with this megaphone. Sturdy build, easy to operate.

 Name : William
   6/11/2014 8:33:48 AM
   Review : Just purchased and tested 8 units. So far all work fine and function as advertised.

 Name : C
   9/29/2013 4:37:35 PM
   Review : Worked well with sound projection to front of unit.

 Name : Byron
   8/28/2013 3:08:31 AM
   Review : Best $40 ever spent!

 Name : Ray
   7/30/2013 9:52:30 PM
   Review : This megaphone is very loud and works well. Well made and very affordable. Highly recommended!!!

 Name : Paul
   6/21/2013 3:04:34 PM
   Review : Just got it it works great

 Name : Bruce
   4/26/2013 9:42:51 AM
   Review : Seems easy enough to work and certainly is loud. I can't wait to try it at an outdoor event.

 Name : Evan
   4/16/2013 9:50:50 PM
   Review : Great megaphone for the value. i would by another one.

 Name : Michael
   1/9/2013 10:12:33 PM
   Review : Lightweight and great range of sound. Shoulder strap and very handy.

 Name : Deborah
   12/17/2012 5:47:14 PM
   Review : This is a great product. I bought it for the siren to scare the birds away. The siren is very loud and does a good job of scaring the birds.

 Name : John
   11/29/2012 11:02:37 AM
   Review : GREAT!!!!, November 29, 2012 Purchase this megaphone for a fishing tournament to use at the lake. It worked better than expected for the money. Great value. Clear and loud. Works great!!

 Name : Tim
   10/4/2012 3:43:35 PM
   Review : The megaphone is clear and loud. The siren is extremely loud and will get people's attention. Wish the trigger activation could work independently of the mike but, all in all, a very good product.

 Name : Andrew
   7/20/2012 3:42:19 PM
   Review : Very loud siren

 Name : Russell
   7/19/2012 4:51:24 AM
   Review : Attractive, durable, well-constructed bullhorn, powerful enough to communicate across a rugby training ground. Good value for money.

 Name : Rachel
   4/16/2012 2:43:54 PM
   Review : So far we love it. It has only been a short time. But it was simple to add batteries to, it has amazing range and clarity. The 1-3 second delay depending on how long the unit has been inactive is different. But, not a deal breaker at all. Gives you a chance to take a breath, anyways. We use it for outside events with a large group of teens or families and it works very well.

 Name : Vickie
   4/5/2012 2:36:24 PM
   Review : It is a big unit...much larger than my current one. This one should do the job.

 Name : Joseph
   11/11/2011 11:56:30 AM
   Review : I like the mic that comes with the unit. Sounds really good outside and my voice nice and clear.

 Name : Bennett
   6/16/2011 6:59:09 PM
   Review : Just received this as a gift. It is something I will use.