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Customer's Reviews of Model PMP53IN
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 Name : Patricia
   8/18/2013 2:03:06 PM
   Review : This item is loud (for the price). It totally fulfilled my desire for sound played by my phone. It also served the dual purpose or notifying people when a raffle was available and announcing there names. If you don't have the funds for a microphone setup; this will suffice.

 Name : Roslyn
   2/13/2013 12:30:17 PM
   Review : I enjoyed the features on the megaphone thus far. I have not tried the MP3 nor the AC options, but it's a much better megaphone than my previous one in that it has a mic holder.

 Name : John
   10/26/2012 4:35:42 PM
   Review : his is a wonderful product for the price. It is loud and clear. Purchase for use outdoors and works great!

 Name : Erika
   10/9/2012 1:05:54 PM
   Review : Good product for coaching!

 Name : al
   7/25/2012 2:32:44 PM
   Review :

 Name : Cody
   3/11/2012 11:57:00 PM
   Review : It is an amazing one I absolutely love it it is great.