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Customer's Reviews of Model PMS2B
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 Name : Edwin
   6/29/2012 10:51:58 AM
   Review : I bought this for my Sansa Clip Zip, mainly to listen to podcasts and audiobooks. It came with a nifty drawstring pouch spacious enough to carry the speaker, its accesories, *and* my Clip Zip and headphones. It was easy to set up and use. The printed instructions that came with it were adequate, but it used a photo of a white version of the speaker in a white background, which washed out details, and made it tough for my poor eyesight. For its compact size, the sound is impressive. IMO, It works best in small rooms with little to modearate noise. For instance, with my pedestal fan on, the hum of my PC, and moderate outside noise, I can listen to it loud and clear. However, when I tried to use it in a room that was close to the street, the louder outside noises made it hard to listen clearly to the audiobook I had on. The same thing happened when I tried to use it while driving my car, windows closed, AC on. And that was with my Clip Zip at full volume. Good enough to have music playing in the background that doesn't get in the way of conversation, but not good enough to listen to a podcast without straining your ears to understand the words. My pet peeves: (1) the rechargeable battery is not replaceable... but then again, that's an annoyance I have to learn to live with with most electronic toys these days. (2) It has a mini-USB port as its sole audio connection. I would have liked to also have the option of using a standard audio cable jack... but maybe that's because there was no room for it in the design. The speaker is tiny after all. (3) While recharging, the LED changes from blue to red. However, there is no way to know when it has reached full charge (apart from the approximate times given in the manual: 2.5 hrs from an AC/DC 5v charger, 4 hrs from a USB port). I would've preferred some visual clue, such as having the LED flashing on and off once it was fully charged, or have it change from red to blue again. (4) I'm probably being unfair here, seeing that the speaker is already very small and compact, but it would've been nice if it also had volume control to make it even louder. However, those peeves of mine are no deal breakers. For its size and price range, it's an amazing speaker.