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Customer's Reviews of Model PQA5100
Average Rating :
 Name : james
   11/12/2016 10:19:24 AM
   Review : Super high quality at a very inexpensive price tag

 Name : John
   2/20/2015 1:48:09 PM
   Review : Wonderful sound, crisp with plenty of punch when needed

 Name : jaime
   4/23/2014 7:29:11 PM
   Review : jaime ortiz san jose cost rica phone 506 22250041

 Name : Robert
   3/7/2014 11:48:12 AM
   Review : I find Pyle Pro products to be of excellent Quality and value that is the best I can find....

 Name : Michael
   2/28/2014 8:55:08 AM
   Review : The PQA5100 was purchased to have a modern amp for comparison to my older equipment. It is a good quality build with clean sound. Should serve well for many years. MB

 Name : Shane
   2/18/2014 11:21:09 PM
   Review : good product

 Name : rick
   2/15/2014 4:04:32 PM
   Review : Great amp, great build, powers my speakers perfectly.

 Name : Stephen
   10/31/2013 9:37:18 AM
   Review : I purchased this to increase the power of my sound system and it has performed flawlessly and to expectations. Great product for the budget conscience

 Name : PETER
   9/12/2013 2:07:44 PM
   Review : Great products. Awesome performance. Very durable

 Name : Reginald
   8/19/2013 7:16:31 PM
   Review : This is the first amplifier I purchased manufactured by Pyle-Pro and after reading the reviews on similar products by this company I decided to take a leap of faith and order it. I needed a power amp for a birthday party for over 100 guests last weekend and was pleasantly surprised at its performance. It had more than ample the power needed to drive my three-way Pro-Audio speaker boxes with 12" woofers. I will revise my review as time goes by. 5 hours non stop music was great.

 Name : jon
   7/2/2013 12:53:49 AM
   Review : good strong amp for the $

 Name : Horace
   9/12/2012 1:33:39 PM
   Review : Good clarity