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Customer's Reviews of Model PSBM60I
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 Name : Bob
   12/29/2012 12:12:32 AM
   Review : Got my wife a Pyle Audio PSBM60I for Christmas. She loves it! Sounds great and simple to operate. Now her mom wants one!

 Name : Tim
   3/28/2012 10:23:40 PM
   Review : Strengths:Full range of sound, built-in FM tuner, nice variety of connections for different sources Weaknesses:Maybe the size for some but not for me. Summary:Out of the box the Pyle PSBM60i sounds great. I can only imagine what it will sound like once it has had a chance to break-in. The sound is very balanced and the entire frequency range is represented very well. It doesn't have that thinny sound like most other speaker systems. The vocals sound very natural. The high end has that "sparkle" that I enjoy. For example the tapping of the cymbals, it can be heard very clearly, which tells me there is no frequency roll-off of sound above 16 kHz. The sound is engulfing and full.Overall, I am really enjoying this speaker. For the price you'll be hard pressed to find a speaker that delivers more.

 Name : Steven
   3/7/2012 6:02:57 PM
   Review : Buy it you like it.