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Customer's Reviews of Model PSCHD90SL
Average Rating :
 Name : Bill
   11/23/2016 5:05:51 PM
   Review : Looking for NVG mount.. Any suggestions?

 Name : Russell
   5/28/2015 7:38:30 PM
   Review : We love this camera, great product, picture quality is far better than GoPro 3!

 Name : Mirian
   5/5/2015 8:00:42 PM
   Review : Great camera

 Name : Manuel
   2/14/2015 3:22:47 PM
   Review : So far so good. Great camera lets see how it goes in the future.

 Name : Tim
   1/27/2015 10:57:51 PM

 Name : Greg
   1/5/2015 2:09:56 PM
   Review : Everything works great. Can't wait to try it under water.

 Name : Greg
   12/25/2014 12:06:12 AM
   Review : Got this as a Christmas gift and can't wait to use it. It's a great camera!

 Name : Luke
   8/8/2014 12:57:41 AM
   Review : I have started to really enjoy this camera, it has great qualities for the price, and is worth every dollar so far! Only downside I do see is the lack in the app for connecting with the camera. But all in all awesome price great camera!

 Name : Roger
   7/9/2014 10:29:13 AM
   Review : great camera used under water with clear pictures and videos very pleased