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Customer's Reviews of Model PSWP4BK
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 Name : Randy
   6/14/2015 12:36:25 PM
   Review : Enjoy working out in the water with this product.

 Name : henry
   4/14/2015 6:35:38 PM
   Review :

 Name : Sonia
   3/9/2015 9:55:10 AM
   Review :

 Name : diane
   12/18/2014 6:05:53 AM
   Review : I love my waterproof neckband MP3 player. It works as soon as you plug it into the computer and I had no problem with uploading music into it. When I jog in the rain I don't have to worry about it!

 Name : michael
   11/24/2014 10:46:49 PM
   Review : Awesome music from this hands free player. Bought one for my wife who loves it. Waterproof for the pool and multiple sizes to fit every ear.

 Name : Brady
   10/17/2014 3:29:58 AM
   Review : I've bought a different brand where I used my iPod Shuffle with it - love the one-piece mp3 player... holds a charge great

 Name : Niall
   10/3/2014 8:09:18 PM
   Review : Love it, exactly what I needed for my daily runs.

 Name : Teya
   9/19/2014 9:22:30 PM
   Review : It's a great product, but I don't want to have to post a review to register it.

 Name : Foye
   9/16/2014 7:32:28 AM
   Review : My only complaint is it is hard to find a replacement usb cable

 Name : David
   8/27/2014 7:52:33 AM
   Review : Great Sound!

 Name : Antoinette
   8/9/2014 2:05:35 PM
   Review : I go swimming at least 4 times a week and I enjoy listening to music while exercising. This system is the best. The sound quality in the water is excellent. Also to load your music could not be any easier.

 Name : Sharon
   7/28/2014 2:37:49 PM
   Review : I just received my pyle sports. so far know complaints.

 Name : Ming
   7/21/2014 10:38:37 PM

 Name : Darwin
   6/20/2014 3:07:57 PM
   Review : A simple vista es un buen producto hecho con buen material y un sonido nítido, espero con el tiempo tener el mejor criterio del dispositivo

 Name : David
   5/16/2014 10:55:24 AM
   Review : So far...they have worked great. I haven't tested how waterproof they are. I use them for running and at the gym. I initially feared they would shake loose while running, but they stay in no matter how much I sweat and how hard I run. In the gym, it's nice to be able to lift without wires getting in the way. I don't care about quality of sound so I won't review that. Pros- cheap, don't pop out while active, light weight, blocks out outside noise, easy to load music, good battery life Cons- no playlist capabilities (or at least I haven't discovered it yet) I guess the biggest question will be how long they last compared to other mp3 players.

 Name : EDISON
   3/1/2014 12:31:32 PM
   Review : Great Product. Easy to use and good for swimming. The earbuds are perfect. Charge quickly and the operating time is very good.

 Name : Douglas
   2/24/2014 7:15:41 AM
   Review : Good quality sound and construction Works great!

 Name : Melissa
   2/17/2014 9:37:08 PM
   Review : This is a great product for lap swimming. I get lots of comments and questions about it. It makes working out just a little bit more fun.

 Name : Charice
   2/12/2014 9:13:15 PM
   Review : I am having trouble loading music,but it may be that I'm not very good at these things. The unit feels great on. The earbuds fit well.

 Name : CJ
   2/11/2014 4:10:44 PM
   Review : Just got the product so looking forward to trying out. But out of box the instructions are kind of simple and uninformative. Definitely not for someone who is neophyte with MP3 players.

 Name : Lindsay
   1/27/2014 3:05:31 PM
   Review : I didn't know I could get a waterproof mp3 player with headphones for less than $100, so when I found these I was skeptical. Turns out they are easy to use and exactly what I needed -- nothing fancy, just a track change button and volume. They have totally revolutionized my lap-swimming (i.e., they have allowed me to continue lap-swimming without dying of boredom). Sound is great, multiple sizes of ear buds are great, easy to import music, no complaints. Be sure to check and double-check that you have closed the USB port before getting in the water. Learned that lesson the hard way, but thankfully these are affordable enough that it wasn't a big deal to replace them. I'm a fan!

 Name : Lori
   1/14/2014 8:28:07 AM
   Review : I love my new Pyle MP3 player. I use them for swimming laps and water aerobics. They make lap swimming go so much faster and I workout harder during my water aerobics with music. Not sure how I ever got along without it. They stay on great and are easy to use in the water. My only complaint is there should be better directions for loading music and once in a while the sound goes in and out of one side, but I guess that happens when they are submerged and water is going in and out of your ear.

 Name : Shane
   12/28/2013 11:35:20 AM
   Review : Received this for an X-mas present and can't wait to use it. Sound quality is ok, but good for the price. Easy set-up, but wish it would sync up with Itunes....I had to drag individual MP3 files onto it.

 Name : Jim
   12/27/2013 6:50:53 PM
   Review : Just got it can't wait to try

 Name : michael
   11/27/2013 12:31:34 PM
   Review : easy to load up with music. Am enjoying listening while doing aerobics at the pool

 Name : Piaw
   10/24/2013 1:35:20 PM
   Review : I've been forced to swim a lot recently, and have come to the conclusion that lap swimming is the most boring sport in the universe. There's nothing to see, the scenery doesn't change, and you can't even hold a conversation while swimming like you can while you're cycling, running, or doing almost any land sport. I can't imagine doing it for any length of time long term. After a while, I decided that it would be a good idea to find someway of listening to something while I'm doing my boring laps. If you're an iSheep, then the natural thing would be to pick up the Underwater iPod. These are basically iPod shuffles have been rebuilt with a waterproof resin internally and a waterproof coating externally, and then you can fit a pair of waterproof headphones to them, attach the whole shebang to your googles, and now you have an iPod that can play music underwater. But I'm not an Apple fan, and $150 for a 2GB iPod shuffle is incredibly offensive to my senses. So I went looking and came up with the Pyle Waterproof MP3 player. At $40, it's more expensive than some other products, but it also had far better Amazon reviews. At 4GB of storage, it's got twice the storage of the Apple equivalents at one third the price, something very familiar to anyone who's familiar with how tech pricing works. My first couple of swims were disappointing. The sound was muddy and unclear, and the headphone kept coming off. But I finally figured it out: the headphones come with 3 sets of ear pieces for underwater use, and what you need to do is to use the biggest ear piece that will fit in your ear canal. Once I got the right set (which surprisingly was the largest set), the sound was clear and lovely, and the ear pieces don't try to come off your ear. Now, if you do a particularly violent motion or if you knock your headphones with your strokes you still might get some leakage, but by and large the whole thing works and seriously, once I stop needing to nurse my back along I'm not going to swim more than a couple of times a week anyway. In any case, my swims have gotten a lot less boring, and more than once I've found myself swimming an extra couple of laps to finish the song I've been listening to, so it's definitely changed lap swimming from "boring" to bearable. Recommended.

 Name : michael
   8/18/2013 7:46:07 AM
   Review : uncertain, only worked once well for a 30 minute swim and now cannot get it to work properly, turn off off be recognized by my computer

 Name : Lea
   7/10/2013 8:46:58 PM
   Review : I just received my MP3 player and have yet to try it out in the water, but it was super easy to transfer the files that I wanted on it over.

 Name : steven
   7/3/2013 12:11:02 AM
   Review : Super comfortable and fantastic sound, easy to use!

 Name : john
   5/15/2013 9:41:07 AM
   Review : never woked 0 stars