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Customer's Reviews of Model PT560AU
Average Rating :
 Name : Theodore
   5/17/2014 9:59:50 AM
   Review : Sxcellent!

 Name : phil
   5/3/2014 11:42:10 PM
   Review : for the price this is a very good receiver.pleased with the power output as it drives my power hungry axiom ax5,s very loud and clear.

 Name : David J.
   7/20/2013 11:36:42 PM
   Review : Out of the box and worked just great.My Bose speakers never sounded better. I have four outside units and all four responded to the 300 watts of power. This is my first PYLE receiver and i'm quite pleased considering the price. Nice work folks.

 Name : Thomas
   12/13/2012 9:35:54 PM
   Review : I`m VERY pleased with my new Pyle Audio home stereo receiver. I HIGHLY recommend this product and it was a nice bonus to receive it so quickly!!!

 Name : jeffrey
   10/5/2012 1:14:57 PM
   Review : ok

 Name : Kevin
   10/4/2012 9:47:47 PM
   Review : not ready to give review

 Name : Rodney
   9/21/2012 1:02:06 PM
   Review : Great look and sound.

 Name : Andres
   5/25/2012 1:25:20 PM
   Review : Excellent sound and quality. My electrician was very impressed.

 Name : Jerry
   5/18/2012 5:58:28 PM
   Review : Works great.

 Name : David
   11/25/2011 7:29:27 PM
   Review : One of the best recievers/Amps I have purchased for the price. Great delivery time. Good Job Guys...A+A+A+A+A

 Name : Lionel
   8/4/2011 3:54:35 PM
   Review : Product works fine as advertised. Only has 2 RCA inputs, though.