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Customer's Reviews of Model PTA1400
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 Name : christopher
   3/14/2015 1:12:38 AM
   Review : I bought this amp to power our bands PA and it has the power to drive the whole band. Great investment!

 Name : Kristian
   8/13/2014 12:27:00 AM
   Review : Great amplifier. Very loud, can play for crowds of over a hundred people. Very easy to use and set up.

 Name : darin
   3/8/2014 2:14:28 PM
   Review : I highly encourage anyone wanting a nice amp at a good price to consider this product. I am completely satisfied! The first one that I bought had a dead channel. Pyle took it back, no questions asked... they even paid for the postage. A sweet amp and a great company to do business with.

 Name : Gene
   11/5/2013 2:02:08 PM
   Review : I own (4) PTA-1400 & (2) PTA-1000. All have been rock solid for over 3 years now. These AMPS fit perfect in a AMP rack. (ODYSSEY FZGS1116WDLXBL). NO cutting or trimming.

 Name : Kip
   10/31/2013 10:44:13 AM
   Review : this amp is great!

 Name : Mark
   7/27/2013 10:47:50 AM
   Review : works fine have not had for two long

 Name : Jorge
   6/5/2013 5:29:53 PM
   Review : Lot of power on a lightweight unit

 Name : Leon
   3/30/2013 5:15:38 PM
   Review : No way to mount this amp in a rack. Does not conform to standard EIA rack spacing and dimensions. I had to modify rack ears with a grinder and electric drill press. Standard rack spacing is 3-1/2", this unit measures 3-5/8". Impossible to mount. No excuse for that. Also, very thin sheet metal and sub-standard fasteners.

 Name : georgette
   11/7/2012 1:25:37 PM
   Review : great amp...love all pyle products!!!Awesome.

 Name : juan
   9/25/2012 9:19:11 PM

 Name : Evelyn
   8/28/2012 12:21:13 AM

 Name : Damon
   7/21/2012 7:17:56 PM
   Review : Rocking Sound From Pyle!!

 Name : David
   7/15/2012 1:24:42 PM
   Review : I bought this amp and it came in 3 days later shipped to my house. I used this amp for my Dj gig at an 8th grade dance and it was bumpin!!

 Name : Brad
   3/23/2012 8:36:14 PM
   Review : So far my Pyle amps (PTA1000 and 1400) are working great. Using for monitors, horns and mids on a tri-amp pa system playing classic rock in bars

 Name : Austin
   2/23/2012 12:54:58 PM
   Review : Hard to beat this price. It puts out good power for a great price.

 Name : Ernest
   2/7/2012 3:35:11 AM
   Review : I have just completed my first test of the home PA system/ rehearsal gear. First impression: better than my expectations. With a Yamaha MG 102C mixer and Seismic Audio SA 15T mains I played my Epiphone Sheraton II guitar through the main output on my Polytone tube amp to channel one on the board and the sound was impressive. It reminded me of playing gigs before in my life when someone else was doing sound and I was just there to play guitar (it sounds that good! like pro sound equipment but for a fraction of the cost). If you have a bit of knowledge (and I have gathered a little bit over the years) the equipment mentioned above can make a real great live show. Too loud for my house, but great for gigging at the bar down the street! This is a great thing. I hope this equipment holds up for a long, long time and I get a ton of enjoyment out of it. Thank you for trying to make decent equipment for a decent price. SA and Pyle and Yamaha and Epiphone (Polytone costs a lot, but sounds excellent too) keep it up.

 Name : mark
   1/25/2012 8:37:13 PM
   Review : works perfect. definately worth every dollar

 Name : Sherman
   12/29/2011 1:06:47 PM
   Review : When I was looking for a serious power amp for my PA and Karaoke player I saw and ad about Pyle. The reviews on the PTA1400 was 5 all the way. After some consideration, I bought this amp and I was blown away. It stacks up to all the competetion and will out perform most. Try it, and you can see for yourself.

 Name : oscar
   4/25/2011 5:04:08 PM
   Review :