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Customer's Reviews of Model PVNP4CD
Average Rating :
 Name : Mark
   1/13/2017 12:40:16 PM
   Review : Great sound even with very old records. looks great too

 Name : Cristina
   1/3/2015 11:27:07 PM
   Review : Wonderful & sharp looking. Working out the kinks but very nice so far

 Name : PETER
   7/11/2013 3:38:31 PM
   Review : These are on Ebay yet this one I bought is from walmart which had them cheaper than anywhere. Everyone who sees it raves about it and the sound is like a Bose. If you love the shock and awe of faces in delight this is the one that does it!

 Name : maxine
   6/3/2013 10:52:37 PM
   Review : This is the most awesome sound system i have every had..my albums are 35 years old and i have 3 that are over 60 years old and play perfect..!! i recommend this highly!! its a fun toy!!!

 Name : Alison
   1/28/2013 5:52:58 PM
   Review : I like the product, but the first one was damaged so we returned it. This one that I kept is damaged, too. The turntable wasn't even attached to the base when I got it. This was a birthday present from two friends so I didn't want any more "feel bad."