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Customer's Reviews of Model PWMA160
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 Name : Cindy
   1/15/2015 11:50:48 PM
   Review : I am very happy that it is small and portable with a great big sound!! I love the 3 wireless microphones with it too!! I love everything about it!! The size of it helps me to get it anywhere, since I have back problems!!

 Name : David
   12/28/2014 12:48:35 PM
   Review : This unit provides a good combination of features for the money. Our lapel mike has a short and cuts in/out, so I hope to get Pyle to replace. The headband mike and handheld work great. I wish it had a headphone jack though and my son keeps confusing the Aux In jack for a headphone jack! When unit is on power and has music source in (USB or SD), it continues to play even though switch is "off". Does the job for my son but with no display on it for input source, song name, etc. it's a bit driving blind. Given the price I paid, it delivers what I expected.

 Name : Smita
   4/9/2014 2:52:21 AM
   Review : It's a portable PA system with good sound quality.Worked well for a party of 50 people.i am pleased with the purchase